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Time is flying, please feel warmly welcomed again!


Four years of professional and private excitement have gone by and I feel I have to add some information here, although the broad content is still the same.

I've had the awesome opportunity to extensively work in Saudi Arabia and was called upon to serve as COO/MD for a market leader in infrastructure in Germany. My career therefore continues to develop within the CXX-level which allows me to combine my anyhow performed lateral leadership with some hierarchy based responsibility. My ways of working are still very much appreciated, especially in corporations that have intrinsic ambitions and professional culture of achievement. Continuous transformation while enhancing performance and sustainability step-by-step replace the once-off reengineering and reorganisation efforts. Suits me well and luckily my value-add in such an environment is evident.


Contact me, if that is your agenda!


Urs B. Beckmann

Bremen, September 2016




Again, a very warm welcome to my website!


Feedback for this sites' intiial set-up was very positive, so I left it almost untouched for more than three years. Now, slight corrections are necessary and it will appear even more lean. I kicked the guestbook out due to it  being abused mainly for trash, same for the blog as I do not subscribe to permanent updates of limited benefit.

Business has been good to me, some fantastic assignments I have been entrusted with with fine results and lot of rewarding work and feedback.

As before, people who get to this site will know a bit about me already, so no excessive bragging, my papers are available and speak for themselves. The only significant change I see is the turn towards even more executive and senior mandates, which fits my expectations and ageing (!) as well. So soon, "silver fox" might be an attribute I have to acquaint myself with.

This development is also in line with the predominant agenda that I am faced with in my mandates: leadership dysfunctionality and its consequences throughout the ranks and performance. To my understanding, about 90% of corporations' problems can be attributed to this phenomenon, the rest is methods and craftmanship. All solutions need to take this into account, my solutions have been working very well with this approach.


Contact me, if you need support.


Urs B. Beckmann

Bremen, August 2012




A very warm welcome to my website!

Anybody who reaches this site has at least an idea who I am and what I do. This is a result of the most prominent way of business generation between my clients and me: recommendation and referral.

To me, this is the most privileged way of working and I trust it is a sign that my work ist appreciated and worthwhile to be told.

Taking this as a fact, discretion is the foremost principle.

Having roamed through uncountable websites for inspiration, another principle I strictly apply here is: cut the clutter. So you will not find any generalising statements or business convenient talk.

What you will find is essential information on what I do, how and why so successful. And how you can get hold of me to discuss any mandate you find necessary to improve your business.

Enjoy and thank you for your interest!




Urs B. Beckmann

Bremen, April 2009